​Advanced Optometric Sales Strategies

Selling from the Chair: Full-Length Training (35m 38s)

One-Sentence Synopsis:

It’s a long one, but if you enjoyed the tips Dr. Sturm shared in our last video (3m 16s), you’re going to be blown away by the advanced strategies he shares to boost your optical sales in this video.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Understanding that your optical sales begin in the exam room.
  • Multiple advanced strategies for building a relationship with your patient so they trust you to know what’s best.
  • How all of this adds up to a happier patient AND a healthier business.

Why it’s important to your success:

So many doctors wonder why their optical conversion rates are so low, and it’s because they’re not selling from the chair correctly.

Even the most seasoned optometrists will pick up a “gold nugget” or two watching this lesson.

Those gold nuggets will be worth at least a few thousand dollars in added profit this year if implemented per Dr. Sturm’s advice — so even though it’s long, it’ll be time well-spent.

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